Young India follows Mahatma’s footsteps

Bengaluru: To mark 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, youngsters in large numbers gathered at Ravindra Kalashetra to participate in a Satyagraha and observe fast for national integration and religious tolerance on Saturday.

The event marked the importance of khadi through a fashion show by 25 models choreographed by Prasad Bidapa.

On why khadi is so important, Mr Bidapa said that it is because it is woven with hands and lots of love. “I want each one of you to promise that every year you all will buy one piece of khadi. It will help the weavers. Unfortunately, in our country only the top layers have become rich and those at the bottom need help, and weavers are at the bottom,” Mr Bidapa said.

He said that the British killed the biggest traditions in the country with the invention of machinery.

Theatre activist Prasanna said, “One wears the original thing if he wears the khadi.”

Gram Seva Sangh, in collaboration with Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, has organised the Mass Youth Satyagraha. The week-long event started with the initial workshop on Non-violent Communication on September 28 followed by workshops on cultural expression at colleges in and around the city.

Gram Seva Sangh stated, “The wave of intolerance sweeping India and the world can only be contained by politico-economic decentralisation as envisaged by Gandhiji. Growing economic disparity and mindless urbanisation, we believe, is increasing intolerance.”  

The Sangh helps the city youth to make contact with and learn from villages. It helps villages to connect better with the market and trains villagers in building equitable systems and organisations.

In the recent past, the Sangh fought against the imposition of GST on all handmade products through a tax denial protest.


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