Yes, the rhythm is coming to get you!

Learning is a never ending process, one that far exceeds theories, books and degrees. This is something the members of Black Letters live up to in the fullest. Black Letters, a four-piece alternative/electronica act from Bengaluru is performing on Friday the 13th to get you over your "triskaidekaphobia".

“We came to the city to study and never left it as our journey with music was shaped here,” said Sharath Narayan, who is band’s vocalist and guitarist. With Sarang Menon also on guitars, Arjun Radhakrishnana on bass and Akash Chacko on drums, these four lads from Kochi set out on their educational journeys, never really imagining that life would bring them to this point.

“We know each other before the band was formed. Even though we were all distributed geographically, we always had music as our constant companion not only individually but also as a team that kept our paths inter connected and eventually Black Letters was formed,” added Sharath.

The diversity is not only limited to the backgrounds of the band members but also the music that they compose. In 2014-15, they released their debut album, Shapes on the walls. “We would listen to a lot of rock and jam with guitars in those days, which moulded the album itself,” Sharath says, recalling the challenges they faced as they started out. The hard work was most certainly worth it, for the album streamlined their own progress as musicians and brought them a good deal of international acclaim. The band was featured on several international radio stations, like EGH Radio, The Shift Radio and Uckfield FM. “It’s wonderful to know that people the world over are listening to your creations,” Sharath smiles.

These days, the band meets at Sharath’s personal studio, where ideating, jamming, composition and recording take place. “We don’t have a specific genre and we can’t afford to have one either because we’re always learning something new,” says Sharath. Interestingly, all the band members are self-taught musicians – “For us, music is nostalgia, it’s an emotional ride that we can take people on.” On his part, Sharath is constantly engaged with the scene. When he isn’t composing, he’s taking production workshops or creating background scores – “I need to sustain myself,” he says, by way of explanation.

Their journey has only advanced with their EP, ‘Petrichor’ being rated as one of the best EPs by Rolling Stone Magazine and having played across the country in many major festivals. Black Letters will now be releasing their new album in 2018. “This album explores more use of synthesizer than the guitar in our first album.” said Sharath, whose eternal muse is his morning cup of green tea!
He also recalls how earlier during college music was more like a rat race between the various bands trying to compete but now it has elevated to a spiritual level that’s a therapy for him.

As they take the stage with The Derelicts, Sharath invites the audience on a musical journeyas he requests the audience to quietly get aboard while listening to the various songs, watching Akash’s mouth play around as he hits the drums, Sarangs exclusive foot movements and the calmness that will surround Arjun and engulf the ambience.

What: Black Letters & The Derelicts
When: April 13, Friday, 9 PM
Where: Primal, The Smoke Co., Koramangala
Price: Rs 400


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