Yemen bomb victim regains sight, thanks to Bengaluru doctors

Bengaluru: Sameer Abdo was the victim of a bomb blast in Yemen that cost him his left eye and blinded him in the right. Suffering from severe pain in his eyes, the 37-year-old  reached out to the city’s Dr Agarwal Eye hospital and within three days of being operated on, regained 85 per cent of his vision. Diagnosed with corneal opacity, traumatic cataract and haemorrhage in his eye, he underwent multiple surgeries to restore his sight. Corneal , cataract and retina surgeons were involved in treating him and almost restoring his vision.  "We performed multiple surgeries on Sameer. We found he was suffering from traumatic cataract and vitreous  hemorrhage, resulting in bleeding inside the eye. We took his case as a challenge as others were hesitant to operate on  him and performed the procedures successfully,” says Dr Ravi Dorairaj, Medical director of the hospital. The doctors also gave him a customised prosthesis in place of his shattered left eye.

Explaining the procedure, Dr Bindhya, consultant ophthalmologist at the hospital, says "We first started with the complicated procedure of removing multiple minute foreign particles in the cornea and then performed the traumatic cataract surgery using intraocular lense implantation and an intra- vitreal injection.  After three days of immense observation the patient regained 85 per cent of his vision."

Thanks to the doctors, Sameer is happy  today. " Thankfully after the surgery, I am able to read books and even ride a motorbike. I can move around freely without anyone’s help," he says gratefully. 


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