Yash takes KGF by beard

He is among the best examples of an actor aspiring to make it big in the reel world without a godfather, thanks purely to his real talented portrayals. His hard-work, dedication and perseverance has made him Sandalwood’s dashing and affable Rocking Star, and yet he is a humble and down-to-earth individual who came from Mysuru in search of an opportunity in the big city and its bright lights. Actor Yash, who always sets high standards with each of his films, is busy with his next big venture KGF, directed by Prashanth Neel. The star actor known for his meticulous acting skills has been busy with KGF for more than a year, sporting a rugged beard, soon after he entered into wedlock with the ravishingly beautiful actress, now his wife, Radhika Pandit. In an exclusive interview with Bengaluru Chronicle, Yash speaks about working on KGF which is being made on an international scale with impeccable filmmaking quality, his friendly life partner, and the cause of rejuvenating lakes which is very dear to him. And of course, his much-talked about “beard.”

“It’s been more than a year since the film took off. We still have about 25 days of shoot left, and it will certainly release in 2018. We have attempted something really different with the film. While it has local context and content, we have raised the bar by giving it a completely international presentation. It will be as good as any Hollywood commercial venture but with a local subject. I am sure everyone, especially Kannadigas, will be proud after watching it. I am definitely not exaggerating but the amount of depth and planning the entire film team, especially Prashanth, has gone into shows onscreen. It will be a one of a kind in Indian cinema,” gushes Yash.

While the actor does not reveal much about his most-awaited project, though he hints that it is going to be a journey of a man in KGF, and will be a treat for those who adore films from the wonderful 80s, with great one-liners and reel time action. Yash is super thrilled about KGF but the Rocking Star is equally ecstatic about his married life, and he and Radhika recently celebrated his first anniversary. “Cinema has never affected or could affect my personal life. In fact, I feel lucky that my entire family, especially my better half (with whom I have a relationship based on friendship more than as a wife) are my strengths. I had read somewhere that after marriage, the level of expectations never lowers. What we have been successful in doing is to never let ‘husband and wife’ expectations come between us. We are good friends, and we remain so,” he smiles.

He further explains that both Radhika and he started together as actors, and worked hard to achieve in their individual capacities. “I am glad that such a lovely equation binds us strongly. Our love for our work was what ignited our attraction for each other,” Yash reveals. So will Radhika be returning to work soon, Yash explains that as an artiste, just because she is married, she will not stop doing what she loves the most. “I am glad that the industry and audience have both changed for the better, by accepting actresses even after marriage. Bollywood bhasheya moved on, and we can see the change in South Indian language movies too,” he adds.

With KGF, he feels that they have given an opportunity to tons of younger talent who were exclusively trained, with equal importance given to a great casting team. “It also runs on the sentiment of a mother. The team’s passion and hardwork is the backbone,” adds Yash. On his Yashomarga, Yash maintains that he took it up to help a few villages with potable drinking water, and even adopted a couple of lakes for rejuvenation, which is the need of the hour. “There are several individuals who are doing their bit in their own manner, and I honestly feel that because of such good souls who exist amongst us without seeking publicity or favours, the world is still a place of hope and prosperity. I did it because my actions inspired others. If I feel the need, I will keep doing it,” says the actor with a conscience.

On his famed beard and its immense popularity, Yash smiles saying that it has been there all three seasons since the film began. “I always loved sporting a beard but it was never this long. As an actor, if it requires, I always do my best. In fact, I am afraid that people have forgotten how I look without my beard,” he adds. He reveals that two years ago, he and Shivanna, who he has special regard for in his life, were about to work together in a film but things never took off. He and Shivanna would say yes any moment if the script works out. “It has to be very special,” he says. His next film is A Harsha’s Raana, and he is also in a film by Narthan, who directed Mufti.


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