Who will have the last laugh — Congress, BJP or JD(S)?

Intelligence reports favour Congress; BJP banks heavily on PM Modi and Amit Shah’s charisma

Bengaluru:  With Assembly elections just a couple of months away, the ruling Congress and the main Opposition BJP are in neck-to-neck contest to reach the finishing line in the race for grabbing power. The race to grab power has intensified even before the election dates are announced and much before the announcement of the list of candidates by the three main parties.

According to an internal report submitted by the State intelligence, the Congress seems to be slightly ahead in the race for now. But there are chances of BJP overtaking the ruling party as the polls near. According to intelligence reports, the Congress will get 95 to 100 seats, the BJP 90 to 95 seats and JD(S) 30-40 seats if the elections are held right now.

The Congress fortunes seems to have changed in its favour with Chief Minister Siddharamaiah taking advantage of issues such as Mahadayi water row, separate Lingayat religion, Kannada Flag etc., in his ‘Sadhana Samavesha’ held in all districts of the State. Various ‘Bhagyas’ launched by the Government such as Anna Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya and Indira Canteens too seems to have brought gains to the Congress in the run up to the polls.

However, the BJP’s fortunes too have got a boost with the charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the entry of BJP National President Amit Shah in the Party’s poll campaign. On the part of Congress, CM Siddharamaiah hopes to gain from internal bickering in the State unit of the BJP.

Taking clues, Siddharamaiah has been highlighting the internal squabbling among the State BJP leaders whenever he has addressed public rallies. Also, the CM has been trumpeting his Government’s achievements over the past five years to gain the confidence of the electorate.

The State intelligence, a month ago, had reported a majority to the Congress. But the latest report has said that the Congress may fall short of the majority, garnering 95 to 100 seats while the Opposition BJP may get 90 to 95 seats and the JD(S) 30 to 40 seats, thus throwing up a hung Assembly.

The intelligence report has also suggested that the BJP may overtake the Congress if the ruling party does not look at other ways to tackle the BJP, sources said.


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