Wellness at Workplace

The wise in society have made many statements on work prompting the rest to turn their attention towards their attitude to work, possibly to take pride in whatever they do. The expression Work is Worship may have prompted the top brass in the then Government of Mysore of 1950s to display the message Government’s Work is God’s Work at the front entrance of the building popularly known as Vidhana Soudha that houses the State’s Secretariat. The 12th century social reformer, Saint Basavanna is credited with the philosophical expression that work is heavenly. In modern times, the country has witnessed many eminent personalities who are recognised in the society as the very embodiment of work for the well-being of people. The legendary engineer-technocrat-statesman, Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962) stands out among them. Likening work to worship may help the Mysuru-based flock of self-declared rationalists to soften their harsh remarks on beliefs and customs of various sections of society according to their faiths.

Success, progress and happiness in life are often assured by many public speakers commanding respect in society, provided one works with dedication sticking to work ethics. Loving work done even to earn a livelihood and survive takes away the feeling of hardship and struggle. These vital ingredients of work seem to have suffered a discount in our times.

Healthy outlook to work is a matter of many factors, especially one’s ability to expedite the work on hand to not only one’s own satisfaction but also that of the management of the respective organisation. Now that the nation is pursuing the task of achieving a totally dirt-free environment on an unprecedented scale, the work that needs to be done doesn’t conclude until eternity for obvious reasons. The factor of dirt generation has clearly stumped the factor of clearing the offending mass, reflecting the attitude of people at large towards work. Visible shortfall in the outcome of work done is more pronounced in many fields such as the work of civic staff who sweep the streets and move the garbage mass about which urbanites get the taste everyday.

A study carried out over a year about global workplace culture by a company has inferred that six talent magnets (a) Purpose, (b) Opportunity, (c) Success, (d) Appreciation, (e) Well-being, and (f) Leadership contribute to a significant extent for both organisations and employees to thrive, resulting in unalloyed wellness at workplace.

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