We had just 10 per cent of funds other constituencies got: Dr Ashwath Narayan CN

What delayed the construction of basketball stadium and Malleswaram market?
The problem was with the contractors, who delayed the works. We had the plan ready, but there were changes in the roof and other designs, which led to contractors not being able to complete the works. We had to recall the tender which added to the delay. I have raised questions on these issues on the floor of the House.

What others areas you haven’t been successful in?
I have been working on all areas, be it education, health or waste management. Under the given conditions, I have delivered my best.

What are the new initiatives you have taken up in the last five years?
There are many. One of them was to strengthen the education system at the pre-school level, be it Anganwadi or government schools. Earlier it was just play and eat, but now we are engaging these children to learn which lays the foundation for them.

Were enough funds allocated to your constituency in the last five years? What are the major issues you have tackled in the constituency
As compared to other constituencies, we have got just 10% of funds, but we have worked 10% more than them. We know where the strength and potential lies and we try to build a system with it unlike others. Only money cannot help build the system. Water and Waste management was a big challenge, now the issue has been resolved and we are trying to use water in the most effective and efficient way.

How confident are you about winning this assembly election?
I am 100% confident. There is a BJP wave everywhere and we are going sweep it completely. 


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