Watch: AB de Villiers grabs one-handed stunner, Virat Kohli, Twitter can’t keep calm

Bengaluru: There are good fielders, there are great fielders and then there’s AB de Villiers. The South African superstar, who enjoys a lot of love and appreciation in India, grabbed a one-handed stunner during Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) win against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) here on Thursday.

While the social media and the commentators were left awestruck, Virat Kohli, amongst the other RCB members, could not believe their eyes at ABD’s Superman clubbed into Spiderman-like adventures near the boundary rope to help Moeen Ali dismiss Alex Hales.

It looked certain that the ball would land outside the boundary rope on the leg-side…untill ABD arrived, rather leapt. The ball was swirling away from him as ABD jumped. He then pulled out his right to hold onto the ball and plucked the ball out of thin air. His foot was near the rope but well, with ABD you know everything will be in sync even as you know that it’s logic defying and comes with a statutory warning of “Don’t try this at home, school or anywhere else”.

When Kohli was asked about AB de Villiers stunner, he said, “That was Spiderman stuff (about ABD's catch). You don't do that as normal human beings. I thought it was going for a six but he pulled it off. I though it was going for a six, but he pulls it out, then the jump and then the balance. I mean he can do freakish things but I am used to it now. His shots still leave me in awe but his fielding I am pretty used to now.”

Kohli later took to Twitter to laud his RCB teamamter and one of the legends of the game.

ABD, meanwhile, was rather candid, discussing his catch.

“I made it look better than actually it was. Got into a bad position, the ball had a bit of a curve on it. The minute I took the jump, I realised a little bit of my body was outside. I just had to put that right and luckily it stuck,” said ABD.

Twitter, meanwhile, went into meltdown.






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