Vedic Shloka Paintings Expo at Mysuru Art Gallery

Artist Jayadeva’s works on Upanishads, Soundarya Lahari on display

Mysuru: A rare collection of paintings inspired by Upanishads and Adi Sankaracharya’s Soundarya Lahari are on display at the Mysuru Art Gallery. Retired Art teacher Hunasagahalli Jayadeva, 72, has given a new dimension to the Upanishads and Soundarya Lahari, the shlokas contained in these scriptures and there are nearly 50 of them on display at the gallery.

The paintings are rich and done in bright colours. According to Jayadeva, Upanishads discuss a way of life and it is not a religion. It tells the people what nature is and how the Universe came into being, thus helping us to understand it better.

Jayadeya, who is greatly influenced by his father H.D. Muthanna who was a Philosopher, grew up listening to discussions on Philosophy.  Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s book ‘Recovery of Faith’ inspired him and that is how he developed a special interest, he said.

Some of the paintings on display include Swarga Devathe, Parashaktiya Mahime, Shiva Ganapathi, Viraj-2, Ardha Stree Ardha Purusha Viraj-1, Kamadhenu, huge Surya Namaskar and scholars in discussion.

Kannada and Culture Asst. Director H. Chennappa inaugurated the Expo on Jan.19. District Co-op. Union President H.V. Rajeev was the guest. Gallery President L.Shivalingappa, Secretary Dr. Jamunarani Mirle and others were present.

The Expo will be open till 5 pm today.

When one sees the paintings of Hunasagahalli Jayadeva, more than the external feelings, it is the inner one that it evokes. Instead of looking at it in a mundane way, it should be felt keeping the view of the artist in mind and only then one can find the significance of his paintings that will remain deeply etched in one’s mind.

—L. Shivalingappa, Senior Artist

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