Uncleared weeds choke Chikkabanavara Lake

The Chikkabanavara Lake is dying a slow death with meat waste and weeds choking it, while the authorities turn a blind eye to the problem.

The BDA is responsible for the upkeep of the lake. “Earlier, people used to catch fish in this lake. Fishermen would clear weeds in the lake and keep it clean. Many birds could be seen here,” said Varadaraju, a local resident.

However, in the past five years, two apartment complexes have encroached on the lakebed and let their sewage into the lake, he said.

The lake now gives out a foul smell and fishing has been stopped, the resident said.

“People living near the lake are falling sick. Mosquitoes breed in the waterbody,” another resident, Rajesh, said.

“A sewage water treatment plant has been set up at a cost of Rs 16 crore. But there are no efforts to conserve the lake,” said gram panchayat member Netravati.

RK Mohan, BDAs Assistant Executive Engineer (North division), said a plan has been proposed in this years Budget to develop the Chikkabanavara Lake.

“The revenue department has given a report on the encroachment. Fencing has to be completed and the sewage treatment plant (STP) is still under construction.
“Once it becomes functional, the sewage flow will stop. Even the weeds will be cleared,” he said.


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