Treasure hunt triggers human sacrifice rumours

The hunt for a treasure buried in a farm in Attibele, South Bengaluru, came apart when a man hired to dig the pit ran to the police fearing he will be used for human sacrifice.

Police, who arrested the owner of the farm, found that he was looking for treasure.

The incident occurred in Lakshmigunte on TVS Factory Road on Sunday. The arrested was identified as Shankar (45).

Shankar, along with his friends named Raju and Sundar, both from Palakkad, Kerala, started digging the pit around 10 am on Sunday after performing puja using lemons, camphor, fragrance sticks and coconut. The trio dug a five-foot-long and eight-foot-deep pit. Feeling tired, they summoned Nagaraju Naik, a local cab driver, for help.

When Naik arrived at the spot, the men asked him to get into the pit and start digging further, telling him the treasure is located at a depth of 12 feet. Naik, however, became suspicious. He figured he would not be able to get out of the deep pit without the trios help. Puja items at the spot strengthened his doubts.

He took a picture of the pit on his phone and went to Attibele police station. He told the police what was going on at the farmland and that the trio planned to use him in human sacrifice. Police rushed to the spot and found out that the men were digging for treasure. While they arrested Shankar, his friends Raju and Sundar fled the spot. Police have booked the trio for mischief. Shankar was later released on bail by a magistrate.

Polices visit, however, spread rumours in Attibele that it was a case of failed human sacrifice.


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