‘Those who divide society are dangerous than Pak’

Yadgir: “It is not a big deal to teach a lesson to the neighbouring Pakistan but people like Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, who is trying to break the society should first be taught a lesson,” asserted Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde.

He was speaking at the Hindu Virat Convention held here on Sunday (Mar.25).

Taking a strong objection to Siddharamaiah’s recommendation to grant a separate minority status to Lingayat Community,  Anant Kumar Hegde opined that selfish people born and brought up in this society who are trying to break the same society are very dangerous who should be sternly dealt with.

Hegde received a standing ovation when he continuously referred to Siddharamaiah as ‘Chidramaiah’ during his speech on a sarcastic note. He pointed out that Congress was not just a party but a dangerous group aimed to disintegrate the Nation and Community.

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