This Villain is a gentleman!

Age is just a number for this Century Star who is inching towards the 150 movie mark in his  career spread over three decades. One of the busiest actors in the Indian film industry whose dates are booked for several years, Shivarajkumar reveals that he still feels nervous during the release of his movies. Karunada Chakravarthy Shivarajkumar fondly known as Shivanna by his admirers and fans is excited about his upcoming mega budget release The Villain, directed by Prem.

 This film marks the coming together of two Sandalwood stars for the first time on the big screen. He speaks during the teaser release of The Villain, sharing his experience, the exceptional growth of sandalwood in the recent times and much more about his upcoming ventures along with a sneak peek and a humble request to his fans. 

“Despite having worked in over a 100 movies, I still feel scared when my movies (especially big budget films) are about to be released. I have worked in all kinds of movies from moderate budget ones between Rs 10 lakh to several crores till date. I guess Tavarige Baa Tangi was my first movie which crossed one crore mark in 2003, which was a record by itself. It made good business. At the same time, movies like Janumada Jodi which is a different kind of movie turned out to be a classic,” says Shivarajkumar, who goes on to add that it is the audience who make a movie a huge success.

“I could see that it happened with recent films like Raajakumara, and even Tagaru. Despite A certification, Tagaru won the heart of fans. I was thrilled to see the younger lot enjoying the movie. What better satisfaction can an artiste earn when even children enjoy watching our work,” he adds.

Further, on speculations over the comparison of Kiccha Sudeep and his performance in The Villain, The Century Star feels that everyone should watch it  without indulging in unnecessary comparisons. “It is the movie which should win in the end.”

Shivanna urged his fans and the audience to restrain from creating any kind of problem during the release of the movie and not indulge in any wrongful acts.

“This time I am very serious and I swear it on my mother that if any fan create even a small problem, I will stop watching my movies along with fans in theatres thereafter. I am hopeful that the fans will oblige to my humble request. I can assure that none of them will be disappointed,” he says. His request comes in wake of fans making comparisons between him and Kiccha Sudeep and who turns out to be the best in the villain.

On Kannada films prospering in the recent times, the actor feels that it is a good sign as a lot of good film makers are churning out great content “Even small budget movies with extremely good content are winning the audience. It is a good sign for the industry. I certainly do not get worried over other language movies making their way here. Even Kannada films are doing exceptionally well, and we must keep doing them as audience will support such films,” Shivanna shares.

The star has signed several new films. In Rustum, he plays a cop, and he feels that portraying a cop’s role has proved to be lucky to him. In his next film, Drona, he will be seen as a school teacher. Whereas in Kavacha, a rare remake venture for him, he plays a blind person.

Apart from all the emotions, Shivanna will be part of an action packed chasing sequence in The Villain. Apart from SRK, he has recently signed Kuladalli Keelyavudo to be directed by Yogaraj Bhat. 


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