This slice-of-life is decent!

As the Kannada film industry is going through an experimental phase with the backing of audience for such ventures, the new generation of filmmakers are trying hard to keep them satisfied with meaningful entertainment. Katheyondu Shuruvaagide, which means a story has begun, is the offshoot of this trend which depicts a realistic tale of a young man struggling on various counts.

While there is nothing brilliant when it comes to this story, the simple narration without any complex issue makes it a decent experience in the end. However, for that to happen, one has to have some patience till the first half gets over. It hardly offers anything but for the laborious introduction to the plot and its characters.

Not a run-of-the-mill kind of story, the director exhibits the struggle of minds when it comes to seeking perfect relationships while mixing it up with certain practicalities. Three separate plots all happening in one location and interconnected to each other creates an unusual narrative.

Diganth plays the lead man, who is the centre of attraction in this tale. He runs a resort which is located far away from the madding crowd. The resort is on the verge of closure unless he manages to revive it in the nick of time. So, his agenda is to satisfy guests, and hope for good reviews from them. With only a handful of guests since several months, finally a married couple is expected to arrive, and arrangements are in full swing to impress them. The twist in the tale is when only the lady arrives to stay.

On the other hand, there are two more love stories involved in the plot— the first is a one-sided affair, and the second is a mature bond between an old couple. They are just an inclusion, and drag the show. The talented Diganth and Pooja make it work with their lovely screen presence.

Tarun, the resort owner who is going through a tough phase in his life finds solace in the lady who has come to escape from her past life. Well, this story too ends just like any other typical love story. It is the narration minus the melodrama which makes it a decent watch.


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