The unexpected Madhushree Iyer

She is the best example of talent finding its way into the limelight. With no aspirations to become an actress, she lived an ordinary life, studying hard to find a suitable job. Away from the glamour world, this girl who hails from Shivamogga landed in namma Bengaluru to write a bank examination as a B. Com graduate. However, when a close relative asked her to audition for a teleserial, Madhushree Iyer did it without really expecting anything. This eventually changed the course of her life. A popular actress, she has so far made her mark through serials such as Jodi Hakki, Radha Ramana and Avalu. Known for her popular supporting role as Anu in Jodi Hakki, she talks about her unexpected journey into the world of entertainment, and more.

“Unlike many who started their careers early, preparing themselves to meet the eligibility criteria to become actors, I never had any such aspirations in my life.  

Apart from my love for classical dance which I have learnt for almost a decade, even doing my senior exams in Bharatanatyam, I never thought that I would one day choose acting as my profession. In fact, I had come to Bengaluru to attend an examination with an interest to work in a bank. But an unexpected opportunity led me towards the small screen,” says Madhushree.

A distant relative of hers, Shwetha Prasad who portrays the popular lead role in Radha Ramana, had in fact advised her to go for the audition of a teleserial. “It was she who asked me to attend, and I did so with no high expectations. I had no knowledge about what I was taking the audition for. Then on my way back, I got a message that I was selected. It is then that I got to know that it was none other than the popular director Aroor Jagadish who took my audition and selected me,” she adds.

With it becoming more and more evident that it is not just lead characters that make an impact in tele serials, and even the impressive supporting roles play a crucial part in the story-line, the actress has earned great fame with her various supporting avatars, especially that of Anu in Jodi Hakki.

“Though my first venture is a supporting role, the audience loved it so much that I refused to accept so many lead role offers which came my way until now. It is the same character which gave me a break, and I am emotionally attached to it. Unlike lead actresses, supporting artists are not bound by contract. Even the team encourages one to take up lead opportunities but I was so happy with the role’s success that I let go of a couple of good lead roles,” she says.

From a humble background, her parents Vasanth Kumar and Jaya, encouraged her decision to enter into the glam world of acting. “My other love is dance, and I hope to start teaching dance in the future too,” says Iyer.

Living as a paying guest, the actress has been managing to juggle different serial commitments as of now. But there is more to this talented dancer and actress as well. “I love photography and my main interest is capturing the flora and fauna. When I get time, I indulge in photography, especially when I am back home. It helps me rejuvenate,” she signs off. 


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