The Last Howls of the Declining Breed

The taxonomy may be new, but this breed ‘Urban Naxals’ ever existed, flourished in the system and even though parasitic in nature it could dominate and command the system stealthily and remotely. The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty perpetually nurtured this special species for their own gain and thus it replicated and infected the whole nation body with pseudo grace and treacherous guise. It was well assimilated into the ‘Liberal’ ecosystem and was never an authentic dissenter; rather it was growling and howling periodically and sporadically to register its discontent. The ruling Congress nonetheless fostered this infectious breed, but at times, whenever it found it growing out of limit to hazardous proportions, it was crushed tyrannously and muted methodically.

The 1967 ‘Spring Thunder’ initiated by Communist Brahmin Charu Muzumdar was the rabble-rouser for the Red Terror in India. The ‘First Blood’ was of Sonam Wangdu, a hapless Police Inspector killed by the arrows of first Naxalites in Naxalbari village of Darjeeling.  Since then this militia has bled our country constantly and this elite breed of Liberal Left intelligentsia relentlessly backed them.  But this perilous concoction of Militia and Intelligentsia was often periodically pulverized by their Godfathers – Congress and Communists!

When the Ideological Romanticism resulted in brutality and bloodshed these Maoist uprising was crushed with iron hand by the ruling Congress. Notorious Chief Minister of West Bengal and close confidant of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Sri Siddarth Shankar Ray literally hounded these Maoist Revolutionaries.  In 1971 Indira Gandhi deployed army to crush the red terror. ‘Operation Steeple Chase’ as it was aptly named by Lt.General J.F.R.Jacob and the then Home Secretary Govind Narayan plainly chased these Maoists and shot them down.

The irony is, the killing of Naxalites and their supporters was first initiated by none other than Comrade Jyoti Basu ! Yes … you heard it right! From 1967 and 1969, Jyoti Basu was the Deputy Chief Minister and also Home minister of West Bengal in the United Front government. He was the man who ordered the West Bengal police to hunt down the early naxals! Nine peasant women and children lost their life in police firing.

So both Congress and Communist leaders of India cruelly suppressed the Maoist Naxal uprising. Not only that , the so called ‘Urban Naxals’ were frequently and systematically hounded, arrested under the so called ‘Draconian’ laws like MISA, TADA, COCA etc. All these alleged(!) ‘Human right Activists’ now arrested in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence was also arrested during the Congress and Communist regimes. Most of them were even convicted and served jail terms. But now these ‘Urban Naxals’ are howling and crying of conspiracy against the incumbent Modi Sarkar…! Now this seems like a fast declining breed of red colored Indian Intelligentsia with its feeble howling voices fading into the oblivion! 


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