Technical glitch halts Bengaluru metro for 30 minutes

Bengaluru: Metro Rail services were disrupted Monday morning for around half- an- hour  after a train was held up at a curve on the Green Line due to a technical problem at the Yelachenahalli station. Commuters were  stranded at Yelachenahalli and all other stations upto the Majestic on the Green Line while the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited( BMRCL) fixed the problem.  According to  BMRCL sources, trains headed for Yelachcenahalli from the city could not turn back either, effectively delaying them at the Green line stations.

“The problem has been fixed and operations are back to normal. We will make sure the technical problem does not recur in future," said a senior BMRCL officer.
But the hold-up delayed several passengers heading for work in the morning. Said Dr. Sachin, who was waiting for a train at Yelachenahalli station,  "I am a regular  on the Metro Green Line.  On Thursday I was heading for the city civil court complex  to attend a court case which was scheduled for 11 am,  but I arrived there 45 minutes late.  I waited at  Yelachenahalli  from 10. 15 am. The station was packed with  passengers waiting for their trains.”

All the time that they waited, the passengers received no proper clarification from the BMRCL, he complained. "The time shown in the digital board for the arrival of the train just increased repeatedly and finally said it would be half- an- hour to 45 minutes late. This inconvenienced everyone,  especially the women and elderly. The Metro officials are really irresponsible . They don't respond to complaints,” Dr  Sachin regretted.


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