Tech training for senior citizens

The cliche has just materialised. The technological advancement may have shrunk the world, but it is widened a gaping hole in the human relations.

Most children in well-paying jobs may purchase a gadget for their elderly parents, but they are too busy to help the older generation to find a way through the hi-tech device.

To assist senior citizens in a similar situation, a days training to use smartphones and internet was organised by the Nightingale Empowerment Foundation of Nightingales Medical Trust.

“My children do not have the time to help me understand the features of a smartphone,” said Umesh Rao, a retired deputy general manager of steel authority of India.

The 62-year-old Rao said that he is eager to make the most of the advanced features of smartphones. He wants to start paying bills online or book tickets for movies or travel.

“We started the one-day classes for the elders on smartphones about three months ago. Now, we have introduced 10-day classes to provide training in advanced features of smartphones,” said Mike Shah, chairman, Nightingale Empowerment Foundation.

Shah said that most children are usually ready to buy smartphones for their elderly parents but have no time to explain the features to them. “Elders feel handicapped when they do not know how to use the smartphones. They lose confidence too,” said Shah.

Komal, head of projects, Nightingales Medical Trust said that the organisation has started the 10-day classes just two days ago for senior citizens on training on smartphones.

She added that most of the times the six to seven hour-long classes creates a bond between the young generation and the elders which helps the youngsters to have a better perspective of the difficulties faced by the older generation.

She said usually, the elders do not get much attention at their homes, and the classes help them be heard by the professionals who train them. Over 60 senior citizens have registered for the classes. Each class is divided into a group of six to seven members. The duration of classes is 10 days, and are held at RT Nagar, KR Market, Kasthuri Nagar, Vasanthnagar.


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