TCS faces US jury over sacking of American staff

Bengaluru: After Infosys, TCS is now facing racial discrimination charges in the US, its largest customer market. A few American employees, who have lost their jobs, have raised the allegations and TCS will face trial in California starting Monday, reported Bloomberg. The trial begins amid tension and uncertainty over H1-B visa. Many Indian companies have exported manpower, a practice that has not found favour with US president Donald Trump.

Peter Bendor-Samuel CEO and founder of California-based Everest Group, told  FC:  "TCS along with the other Indian firms are facing a growing scrutiny under a difficult political environment in the US.  We have seen similar lawsuits against Infosys and expect to see more against the other firms."

It's the cultural difference that is at root of the problem, TCS and other Indian firms rely on importing Indian talent through H-1B and L-1 visas and they transport this culture to the US, he added.  The lawsuit was brought as a class action on behalf of about 1,000 non-South Asians — most of them US citizens — who were fired by TCS while on "benched" status, meaning they were laid off by the company while they were between job assignments, said Bloomberg.



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