Sudha Murty praises Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha’s writing skills

Permission for Mahisha Dasara should not have been given, MP tells CM

Mysuru: Noted writer, novelist and philanthropist Sudha Murty today extolled the writing skills of Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha, who despite his busy schedule, writes columns for newspapers. “I like Pratap Simha’s writing skills and as a writer I am his fan too,” Sudha Murty said after she inaugurated the 10-day Dasara festivities atop Chamundi Hill this morning.

Later, addressing the gathering, Pratap Simha opined that the government should not have given permission for Mahisha Dasara where Mahisha was portrayed as a divine being. “You inaugurate Dasara Festival that is a victory of Good over Evil. Good here is represented by Mahisasuramardhini Chamundeshwari, who killed Mahishasura and the evil here is Mahishasura. At the same time, you give permission to a handful of vested interests to celebrate Mahisha Dasara. Is it not double standards,” the MP questioned Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy.

Saying that celebration of ‘Mahisha Dasara’ and glorification of demon Mahisha has hurt the sentiments of a vast population who believe in the powers of Goddess Chamundeshwari, Pratap Simha said, “Mahisha is a buffalo and a wicked character who was killed by the Goddess. Unfortunately, some people with vested interests are trying to portray Mahisha as a Godly character,” he said and urged the government to curb such misleading celebrations.

Continuing his speech, Pratap Simha, in an oblique reference to Tipu Sultan without mentioning his name, said that due to the tyranny of the 18th Century ruler, Dasara was not celebrated between 1767 and 1799 AD. “History has proved that the ruler’s tyranny was so much that the Mysore royal family members were imprisoned and were confined in dark chambers. The government must not give permission to celebrate the Jayanti of such a ruler,” he urged Kumaraswamy, apparently recalling the celebration of Tipu Jayanti when Siddharamaiah was the Chief Minister.

Pratap Simha said that he did  not raise these issues due to political compulsions and added that his words are backed by history and there are many historical references that will help the government too to take a wise decision.

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