Suddagunte Palya a civic black hole

Bengaluru: Suddagunte Palya is largely inhabited by the students of Christ University and the adjacent localities encompass residents from all walks of life. However, the area is not only choked with illegal commercial establishments but has one of the worst roads and walkways.

The uneven slabs on the footpath, large craters on the roads craters and encroachments on footpaths are some of the major civic issues faced by pedestrians and commuters.

“The encroachments and uneven slabs on the footpath make it difficult for us to walk on it. The roads are already choked with vehicles, leaving us little space to walk. As many company offices and the Dairy Circle are close by, this is one of the major routes taken by most commuters,” said Sharadh Swamy, a student and local resident.

Most of the residents also blamed reckless bikers, who ride on footpath showing scant regard for pedestrians. This even leads to the breaking of slabs.

With the mushrooming of PG's in the area there is scant regard for waste segregation and illegal dumping at public places is rampant.

“In the evening one can see the shops owners pack their garbage and throw on the footpath. This has led to an increase in the number of rats and mosquitoes in the area,” said Kavya, another software expert and a resident.

Most of the residents second Kavya's claims of rats and mosquitoes in the area. One of the shopkeepers said that unmanaged open drains have turned into garbage dumping spots and hence it is imperative to cover the drains. 

Q&A with BBMP ward Engineer, Shareef
The roads in Suddagunte Palya are in a dilapidated state. Why?
This issue will be looked into. Recently repair works were carried out.

What are you doing to make the place more hygienic?
In order to control the garbage we have got the walls painted. There are people who dump the garbage, and later protest. We also have plans to come up with toilets in the area so that the footpaths do not turn into public urinal. Hygiene is something that requires people's support. Drains are choked due to the poly bags etc.

A tender was to be called for the installation of CCTV cameras. Don't you think that since many student’s live here, the area requires greater vigil?
The tender has already been called and the cameras will be installed at vital points in the ward. 


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