Sruthi Hariharan: Mistress of dance, in reality

This passionate and talented dancer rose to stardom with an interesting tale which was laced with a popular pill called Lucia (her acclaimed movie), and since then she has been riding high on successes with a unique blend of projects. Actress Sruthi Hariharan, who was last seen on television judging the dance reality show Dance Dance, is back again on the small screen for yet another dance show Master Dancer on Colors Super. She speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her reality ventures on television, her upcoming ventures and more.

“It was an instinctive decision when I took up my first-ever television show as a judge. It was initially all about attempting something new, for the sake of experience. But this time around, I took it up because it involves talented children. It is such a wonderful stage for talented kids and a great platform for them to perform and showcase their skills,” says Sruthi Hariharan.

Though the actress feels that children being on television has positive and negative impact on various aspects just like any any other media, she stresses that it is a wonderful opportunity for them to participate and learn new forms of dance. “Moreover, the reach of new-age television pegged with the Internet is simply stupendous, which none of us as children ever had,” she adds. “As a child, the best I could do is to learn the art by attending a dance class,” recalls Sruthi, adding that at present, the younger talent has so many options apart from television, like taking part in reality shows, talent hunts and so on.

In the coming special episodes, the actress will be performing on the show as well. “More than the kids, I must admit that I am a bit scared of performing. They (kids) are far more trained. I may not match them on stage. In fact, if at all the show is doing well, then it is truly because of their hard work and dedication, and not because Sruthi, or Mayuri and Chandan are judging the show,” she says. The emergence of new-age media and television growing on par with cinema, she feels is thanks to the Internet which has boosted entertainment and is easily accessible to them. “With most television shows are backed by a strong social media presence, any show is immediately available on an alternative platforms which widens the reach, and this is the big game changer,” Sruthi says.

Yes, the actress does feel that working for television and films is completely different, explaining, “In films, an actor has a limited role to play with a script and a character to portray. But TV is a whole new ball game, especially reality shows where one has to be oneself and add spur of the moment reactions, and it’s sometimes very hard to carry on like this for long periods.” She also has a list of interesting feature films lined up. Apart from Aadya which which is awaiting release, she has two interesting films which she is shooting for — one is Ambi Ninge Vayassu Ayto cast opposite Kiccha Sudeep and then Naticharami, which is being directed by national award-winning director Manso Re and national award-winning actor Sanchari Vijay. Shruthi feels that it has a great tale which talks about one of the most sensitive subjects today — of marriage in present day context. For more on this, you’ll have to see the film.


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