Soon, ‘Kempegowda International Airport’ to have plane spotting deck

Bengaluru: Everyone is interested in watching planes land and take off, and one need not travel in planes to take in the wonderful sights. 

Soon, the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) will have a plane-spotting deck space for the interested public.

A KIA source said that the people are inquisitive about planes and they love to watch how planes approach the runway and how they take off, but it is difficult for them to get a chance. 

“For now, there is no permanent place for plane spotting. Interested people can send an e-mail to airport officials and only after the permission is given, officials take them to suitable spots to watch the movement of flights. But in future, there are plans to set up a permanent spotting deck, where people can watch planes,” said the source.

The source said that senior officers at the airport are discussing the idea and it might be possible after the second runway at the KIA is opened. 

“Those interested will have to take prior permission. There are also other formalities like producing a valid government identity proof and photographs. Only after the permission is given, officials will make arrangements. Viewers should also take prior permission to take photos and videos,” the source said.

Naveen Kumar, a city-based plane spotter, said, “It is a good initiative, as several people are interested in watching planes and are inquisitive about how planes land and takes off. Young children can also be taken to watch planes as it would motivate them to become pilots or learn more about airplanes and airports, and how they function.”

He said, “I have seen people in European countries who have plane spotting as their hobby. Most of them visit plane spotting decks frequently just to click photographs of planes, as they are a rage among youngsters. I am sure there are hundreds of people in the city who are interested in plane spotting.”

Second runway
Another official said that the second runway at KIA will be ready by 2019 and this will help in catering to the growing needs of passengers. “The work is in progress and we expect the second runway to be completed and up for operations by 2019,” the official said.


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