Smart cards for BMTC Volvos in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: After a good response for ‘e-purse’ on a pilot basis at a select route, the BMTC now wants to introduce this smart card system in all its air-conditioned Volvo buses in a month’s time. According a top BMTC official the smart card was initially launched at route number 335E, which plies between Kempegowda bus stand and Whitefield.

“The response from the commuters was good and they liked the way the smart card works. It was found to be hassle free for both the passengers and the bus conductor. There is also no scope for losing out on money due to lack of loose change. ”

The official also mentioned that the feedback from the bus crew on the route was also encouraging as they felt it was less time consuming. “They claimed that they always used to get into a verbal spat with the passengers over tendering exact change. The passengers also did not understand our limitations in providing loose change. Now with smart cards this can be avoided and will be helpful for the conductors,” the official added.

He felt If the smart card should be implemented in all the buses to make ticket selling hassle free.

“We are already working out on plans to introduce the smart card on all the routes where air conditioned Vajra buses are plying and later extend it to other buses,” the official said.

We are also working on opening more kiosks where the smart cards can be re-charged, said another BMTC officer.


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