Sex (scandals) stump spirituality

The air across the country as well as many regions around the world is abuzz with media reports featuring individuals and institutions indulging in scandalously sexual acts. Sex related issues have got elevated or downgraded as their cases may be for two distinct reasons. Sex-driven crimes of various descriptions by common people are for grabs by reporters of dailies and law-keeping staff of governments, resulting in routine reports that even avid readers of newspapers give a cursory read and forget after exchanging their dismay in circles of urban chatterati. As if to eclipse this class of mortals who yield to temptations, the fast emerging flock of heads of their respective nations, heavy-weights in their political world, tycoons who command enormous wealth, academics of standing in society, bureaucrats in key posts, Ministers and not to forget pontiffs heading their spiritual institutions with large following are making news, virtually arousing the people feeling aghast at the extent of sex stumping spirituality, scandalously or otherwise.

The prescription attributed to the land’s ancient philosophers and social reformers, calling upon people to exercise control over the senses, particularly anger and passion, continues to be drilled into the ears of audiences at the discourses delivered by seasoned speakers even to this day. The extent to which society has responded is fully reflected by the acts of people at large as well as those count in society is there for all to see.

The fact, as reported in the dailies, that scandalous sexy acts of even those wearing the badge of spirituality cuts across virtually all religions, should make one sit up and ponder over the goings on and bestow some thought on finding answers to why of the matter. Biologists may have the simple answer that hormones such as testosterone and progesterone regulate physiology and behaviour of males and females (towards one another). But, social psychologists are sure to come out with many postulates to either enlighten or confuse lay people, who are lost in their own limited understanding of the various issues triggered by the sex factor.

Readers of dailies carrying reports of sex scandals across the land are now served with similar happenings abroad. Interestingly, Pope has just been quoted acknowledging this week that sex abuse scandals rocking the Catholic Church were driving people away. He also called for change in the ways of Church to protect future generations. In a contrast of sorts, the scenario in India is marked by continued scandals, Police complaints, arrests of suspects, Court proceedings…

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