Service road near K R Puram cable bridge: Use at your own risk

Bengaluru: The service road next to the KR Puram cable-stayed bridge, which connects to Whitefield via underpass, is in a complete mess, where only half the road is asphalted, while the other half is covered with crushed stones. The stretch also connects to the ITI Gate and KR Puram, where thousands of vehicles pass through every day.

Next to the road is also a BMTC bus depot and the stretch is always covered with clouds of dust, choking motorists and pedestrians. Several two-wheeler riders, riding over stones, have slipped and injured themselves.

The stretch is also filled with potholes and has been neglected by the BBMP for a long time. Mr Manoj Shyamsundar, a techie who uses the road every day, said, “It has been more than six months and only half of the road is asphalted. The BBMP had said that the road-widening work will be completed within a month. But now, neither the road widening work is happening nor have they asphalted the stretch. If the road is not going to be widened, at least the BBMP can asphalt the road and make it safe for motorists. But nothing is being done.”

He said that they have complained to ward level BBMP officials, but in vain. “We have complained several times but there has been no response. I have seen two-wheeler riders skidding and falling from their bikes while riding on these stones and injuring themselves. Civic authorities may wake up only when a major accident occurs at this spot.”

A manager at the BMTC depot said that they have also requested ward level BBMP officials to asphalt the stretch, as the dust is unbearable, but they only make promises and never turn up.

When DC contacted BBMP officials, none of them were willing to comment.



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