Seize properties of rapists: Panel to Karnataka government

Bengaluru: An experts' committee set up by the state government on prevention of sexual violence against women and children on Friday recommended stringent action, including revocation of voting rights and confiscation of property of those proved guilty of charges of rape. 

The committee, headed by Congress leader, V. S. Ugrappa, MLC, submitted a voluminous report-6000 pages with 135 recommendations to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, here today. 

Mr Ugrappa later told the media: "Every right bestowed by the constitution to the rape accused should be revoked as soon as he is proved to be guilty of the charges," adding that the state government the state government must recommend to the Union government to bring about these drastic changes as withdrawing voting rights or any other rights as the power for such stringent action rests with the Union government. 

Mr Ugrappa suggested that the property of the accused should be seized by the state government immediately after the arrest of the rape accused and released only if proved innocent. 

In addition, the committee recommended that the state government take steps to introduce sex education in the syllabus for high school students. 

"The committee has recommended that the state government must introduce "anatomy" subject at high school and college level in order to educate students on equality between sexes," he said without elaborating further on the issue. The committee also recommended that the state government must step up vigil in the vicinity of upscale restaurants and pubs in the city. 


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