Sanjjanaa issues apology to director

Bengaluru: Actress Sanjjanaa, who had claimed that she was forced to do obscene scenes and was shown vulgarly in her debut movie Ganda Hendathi, on Tuesday apologised to the film’s director Ravi Shrivatsa and Kannada Film Industry Directors’ Association (KANFIDA).

However, the actress stood by her statements made in wake of 'Me too movement’. She made it clear that she never meant to hurt anyone's feelings, and was sorry if it had hurt others, especially director Ravi Shrivatsa, the entire film team of Ganda Hendathi and the Kannada directors’ association.

After the actress made the revelations, Shrivatsa had approached KANFIDA seeking intervention in the matter. The association had fixed a deadline demanding apology from the actress.

Sanjjanaa, who was shooting away from Bengaluru, on Tuesday decided to end the matter after the head of the Kannada Film actors’ association Dr Ambareesh and others advised her to end the matter.

Previously in a video posted on her social media account, she had alleged that the makers of Ganda Hendathi had shot the film with camera angles showing her obscenely and vulgarly.In her debut movie she was told about a kissing scene, but by the time the shooting wrapped up, she was forced to do more than 30 to 40 such scenes.

After Sanjjanaa’s apology, Shrivatsa has said that he feels vindicated and doesn't want to discuss anything more on this matter.


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