Sabarimala: Govt’s action will bring drastic political changes in Kerala

Mangaluru: Contemporary events, including the violence in Kashmir and the standoff between the government and devotees at the famed Sabarimala shrine in Kerala, came up as recurring themes during the Mangaluru Lit Fest here on Sunday.

Expressing pain over the recent developments related to Sabarimala, Pragya Pravah national convener Nanda Kumar felt the actions of the Kerala government would lead to  drastic political changes in that state. Participating in the session ‘Engineered Violence in Kerala and Kashmir,’ he criticised the anti-Hindu moves of the Left led government and also expressed unhappiness over Sabarimala being turned into a police fortress. 

“The Kerala government is acting against Hindu traditions and customs. Like Sabarimala, other Hindu places of worship face threat from Communist, Jehadi and missionary forces,” he said. 

He  expressed concern over 'Cultural Marxists' applauding Ravana and Mahishasura and trying to portray Lord Shiva and Lord Rama as ‘villans.’ Another session titled 'Overreaching Regulations and relentless faith- traditions, courts and Constitutions,’ saw Arohi Research Foundation director Chaitra Mathighatta expressing unhappiness over the verdict allowing women of all age groups to enter Sabarimala  and felt such action against Hindu traditions could increase in the coming days. Communities should be left to decide on traditions themselves and not the courts, he stressed. 

Lakshmi Iyengar said the progressive nature of Hinduism has allowed interventions in matters concerning faith. 

She said women devotees going to Sabarimala were only devotees and not 'Mandakini.'

Defense and strategic affairs expert Major Gaurav Arya (retired), during the discussion on ‘Engineered Violence in Kerala and Kashmir,’ termed the present situation the result of massive radicalisation and warned that the radicalized elements who have used IEDs, could in the future use human bombs against security personnel in the strife-torn state. 


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