RSS to play a key role in BJP poll strategies

BENGALURU: With the Karnataka shadow looming over the BJP, coupled with the rise of the regional parties, the worried saffron party's poll strategy for the coming electoral battle of 2019 will be centred around winning seats in non-BJP ruled states like West Bengal, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, AP, Kerala and also in the North-east, where the party could not make a significant impact the last time. 

With the BJP and the Modi government facing flak over issues including challenging economic indicators, surge in fuel prices, unrest among the Dalits and farming community among others, the RSS top brass will also discuss these issues so that they do not impact the party's poll prospects.

National education policy, security issue, including the recent crisis in Kashmir could be discussed.

While three key states are under BJP's rule, reports are not very heartening for the BJP. Feedback of the Sangh Parivar affiliates and of the Centre’s schemes will be reviewed. The RSS cadre will play a key role in BJP's poll strategies too. 


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