Ready transformers for rain: Bescom to engineers, linemen

Bengaluru: Every time it rains, there are power cuts across the city for long hours, and Bescom is flooded with thousands of complaints. In most cases, it is the transformer that goes bust, leading to power cuts.

To stop transformers from developing snags when it rains, Bescom officers have directed zone level engineers and linemen to check transformers regularly and repair them if required, instead of waiting for them to develop snags and then carry out maintenance works.

“We have taken this decision as every time it rains, linemen have a tough time attending to transformer repairs. It would be better if transformers are checked and maintained frequently and also when rains are predicted. This helps in avoiding power outages when it rains,” a Bescom officer said.

“We have started the process and received lesser number of complaints during rains in areas where we worked. Our priority is to take it across the city and to have no incidents of transformers developing faults during rains. It is a minor task to maintain the transformers when they are checked regularly. But only when it is ignored for a long time, they develop complicated snags which take time to set right. It is better to keep track of them beforehand. It is the need of the hour, as people have complained constantly about frequent power cuts.” the officer said. 


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