Q&A: ‘Not just palike, politicians in nexus too says, NR Ramesh’

Are you happy with the work done by the BBMP for pothole filling in last one week? 
This work is just to submit the report before the High Court, but not for the citizens. Even today the BBMP is claiming that entire Bengaluru city is identified by only 3000 plus potholes. But I am sure that only in RR Nagar constituency we can witness more than 2000 plus potholes. So it is very surprising to believe the number BBMP officials are submitting to court for every day.

Contractors are also equal responsible for bad roads in the city, do you think BBMP should file a criminal case against the contractors?
As per the rules, this will be mentioned in both in agreement and also in the tender to maintain the roads under DLP. So for the major roads, the DLP will be for three years and it’s his responsibility to maintain good roads. If he fails to so, then the BBMP can add them to blacklist and BBMP has all right to use that 5 per cent of deposit amount and also they can claim for the extra expense amount. So In BBMP jurisdiction we can see 49 contractors, it's better that BBMP come forward to file a criminal case against them.

Who should be the responsible for the bad roads, weather BBMP or other utilities like BWSSB, BSNL and BESCom? 
The general public complains that the bad roads in Bengaluru are only because of the civic body BBMP. But it has another face where the politicians are involved in it for the commission amount. Some cable operator or the contractor will come up with a package deal with the Corporators or with the MLA for the commission amount and he gives permission to cut the road. So most of the time our BBMP officials also have no other option than to be silent and encourage the illegal act by politicians. So the government should make the rule of transparency in the administration and also should build a coordination to inform each other utilities before starting up the work in any stretch.
What are your next plans? 
We are planning the huge protest against this pothole filling because every day these BBMP officials are coming up with a false number. I already have the records that most of the areas have remained the same with a huge pothole. We again plan to file a case against BBMP for submitting a wrong report to the High 


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