Public Square at old private bus stand in Madikeri

Madikeri:  Kodagu District Minister S.R. Mahesh, who is also the Tourism Minister, after taking note of suggestions made by Star of Mysore Editor-in-Chief K.B. Ganapathy in his column ‘Choomantra,’ published in Mysooru Mithra, sister concern of SOM on Nov.1, held talks with Deputy Commissioner P.I. Sreevidya, City Municipal Council President Kaveramma Somanna and former City Municipal Council President Nandakumar recently.

The Minister has given the responsibility of preparing a blue print to construct a ‘heritage spot’ to the local administration.

In his article, K.B. Ganapathy had also mentioned about Trafalgar Square at the centre of London city and had mooted the idea of a Public Square at the old private bus stand space in honour of India’s first and one and the only Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa who is from Kodagu.

Former City Municipal Council President and present Member Nandakumar, the Editor of the local Kannada newspaper Shakthi, Chidvilas and others, have shown interest in the construction of a ‘Public Square’ and have approached architects and vastu experts in Bengaluru and Kerala. The architects and vastu experts are likely to give their report in two days and based on the report and the blue print, a project to construct a ‘heritage public spot’ would be taken up. At present, there are plans to construct a fountain and a gallery also at the vacated old bus stand.

Meanwhile, Nandakumar, speaking to SOM, said that there is a need to construct a ‘Public Square’ in the lines of those in foreign countries. It is also decided to undertake a study tour to other countries if necessary, he added. Nandakumar said that the project will be taken up after taking suggestions from various organisations.

He further said that there were plans to construct buildings on either side of the ‘Public Square’ for which experts are being consulted and added that even Minister S.R. Mahesh, DC P.I. Sreevidya, City Municipal Council President Kaveramma Somanna have shown the same interest. A Google survey was conducted through a private firm and every inch of the said place has been documented through Google, Nandakumar said.

Construction of retaining wall

The first priority is being given for the construction of retaining wall around the place for which the District Administration would release a fund of Rs.2 crore. The retaining wall will be constructed to go well with the ‘Public Square.’ As the ‘Public Square’ is being constructed as a tourist spot, more grants or funds are being expected from the Tourism Department.

Wonderful suggestions

Chidvilas said, “after reading the article of K.B. Ganapathy published on Nov.1 in Mysooru Mithra, I sent a message of appreciation to his phone and tried to call him (Ganapathy) on his phone but his phone was not reachable.”

He said that he later called Mysooru Mithra office and learnt that Ganapathy had gone to Japan. He further said that he immediately met the DC and showed her the article of Ganapathy and highlighted the suggestions Ganapathy had made to which the DC responded positively.

Continuing, Chidvilas said that he called Nandakumar, Clean Coorg Convenor Sathya and Kaveramma Somanna, later inspected the spot and gave his suggestions to them. He further said that he has given suggestions to construct the retaining wall to give it a heritage look which could be used for Laser Shows during night and also install iron grill on top of the retaining wall. He has doubted that the Department of Archaeology would give permission to construct a commercial complex at the vacant old private bus stand as no multi-storied buildings can come up within 100 mts from the fort.

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