Provokes the ‘right’ anger

This has nothing to do with the 1978 classic hit film Thayige Thakka Maga starring Dr Rajkumar. And, it’s definitely not a routine tear-jerker with the emotional mother as a backdrop. This out-of-the-box film provokes anger to fight injustice.

Director Shashank who made the sensible Krishna Leela based on a real life incident, has this time tried his hands at delivering justice with a tale revolving around a mother who is a lawyer, and her son, who is brought up as a rebel.

That apart, this message-oriented commercial saga has nothing new, and gives the audience a different version of an action thriller that also tangles with the law versus lawlessness conundrum.

It reminds one of the 70s and 80s movies that focused on politicians and their wards creating havoc in society. An evil son of a minister kills a security guard and his wife while severely injuring their only son for being politely refused entry into a guest house.

Thereafter, the tale is a straight tug of war between the politician and his son against the mother-son duo who is determined to bring the culprit to justice. In between, there is a bit of love, romantic numbers and comedy sequences squeezed in to give relief to the anger-filled context.

Ironically, Mohandas, the protagonist takes anger management lessons but often loses his temper. The mother’s fierce advocacy and the son’s angry man avatar and his violent way of dealing with baddies keeps the audience engaged and provokes more drama, especially in the climax.

The performance of Sumalatha Ambareesh, who is back in action is very good, while Ajai marks his 25th film. Ashika Ranganath enthralls in her best performance to date.

A tailormade film for those who love the age-old recipe of fighting against injustice with the right ingredients, mixed with drama and action.

Anger is good, but only when it is chanelised against the bad justifiably — that is what Shashank preaches. The audience will find some solace, especially those who give lame excuses while ignoring the existence of evil in society.

Film: Thayige Thakka Maga

Director: Shashank

Cast: Sumalatha Ambareesh, Krishna Ajai Rao, Ashika Ranganath, Krishna Hebbale, Saurav Lokesh

Rating: 3


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