Police step up vigil, 400 check-posts set up in the Bengaluru

Bengaluru: Elections in India are costly affairs and it’s an open secret that a lot of black money gets spent and liquor, and other goodies are distributed to woo the voters. 

This is more so after the election dates are announced and poll code of conduct is in force.

Since March 27, the day Election Commission announced the date for the assembly election to 224-seats in Karnataka, officials claim there is an increase in transportation of black money for election purposes.

Till date, surveillance teams and police officials have seized over Rs 3.90 crore in cash (unaccounted), liquor valued at Rs 24 lakh, gold weighing 2.46 kg and other freebies to voters like laptops, pressure cookers etc, valued at Rs 3.7 crore.

While a total of 1,156 squads and 1,255 surveillance teams have been put in place to ensure implementation of code of conduct, the police have put check-posts to regulate the transportation of black money via road.

With 28 assembly constituencies, Bengaluru has over 400 check-posts, said T. Suneel Kumar, city Police Commissioner and pointed out that each constituency in the city has nine check-posts and three checkpoints, while the number of check-posts on the city outskirts is more than double.

On Friday, the police intercepted a car at a check-post and confiscated `1.5 crore unaccounted cash from a contractor. The accused, Subhash, claimed the money belonged to him and not to any political party. However, the police are investigating.

On April 1, the Nandini Layout police along with Rajarajeshwari Nagar constituency sector magistrate seized cooker pressures and sarees meant to be distributed among the voters of RR Nagar constituency.

As many as 90 pressure cookers and four bundles of sarees (each consisting 90 sarees) have been seized from a house rented by one Dorai. 

All the pressure cookers and saree packets bore the image of Munirathna, R.R. Nagar Congress MLA.

How money is transported?

According to a source, the transportation of black money does not happen only during election period, but it’s a year-long affair.

However, once the poll conduct comes into force, the money is transported via businessmen and other agents to hoodwink the police.

Most of the money gets transported during the day as the checking is more stringent during nights. 

Everything happens over phone and the money is transferred from one city to another and handed over to those in charge of the constituencies.

Police claim the amount of seizures they make may be a fraction of the actual amount of black money transported.

“We generally subject those vehicles to scrutiny which are being driven in a suspicious manner. Checking every vehicle is practically impossible considering the traffic volumes on roads and highways,” a police official said.

Rich Haul

Over Rs 3.90 crore in unaccounted cash
Liquor valued at Rs 24 lakh
Gold weighing 2.46 kg 
Freebies like laptops, pressure cookers etc, valued at Rs 3.7 crore 


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