PM Modi does not have strength to face Pakistan

Former Union Minister C.M. Ibrahim taunts

Mysuru:  Former Union Minister C.M. Ibrahim remarked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not have the strength to face Pakistan.

He was speaking at the mega ‘Janashirvad Yatra’ organised by the Congress Party at the Maharaja’s College Grounds here on Mar.25 and said that Modi spends 20 days of his time in America and England. He is not concerned about the condition of his country and he does not even have the strength to face Pakistan.

“Indira Gandhi had captured 11 lakh Pakistani soldiers. This is the history Congress carries. Modi says that he is a manager and business flows in his blood,” he said and sarcastically remarked, “When the leader of a nation becomes a businessman, then the citizens become beggars. Due to demonetisation, land worth Rs.10 lakh is not fetching even Rs.4 lakh.”

Modi does not care for the middle class and poor that are in majority in the country. He keeps harping about Gujarat model. In our State, even a panipuri seller is from Gujarat. If the Gujarat model was good why he would come to our State to sell panipuri, wondered Ibrahim.

Does the BJP know what is Hindutva and Hindu religion? The basic tenet of Hindu religion is ‘Sarvadharma Samanvaya’ and ‘Sarvejano Sukhinobhavantu’ meaning equality of all religions and everybody be happy respectively.

He also said that during elections BJP is projecting Yeddyurappa but once the elections are over then Anant Kumar Hegde will come to the forefront.

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