People-unfriendly society

Social life across the country in our times prompts one to ponder over two issues namely, (a) What are the factors behind its steadily worsening disturbed scenario and (b) How to marshal forces to arrest the decline and, more importantly, how to restore its old-Mysuru-charm as it were. Intellectuals may have many options in their baskets before the people at large as well as the administration to address the two issues for restoring order in society, in its widest meaning. But it takes the cognoscenti in society to lay down the pathway to resolve the problems by overcoming the hurdles from start to finish of the onerous task. Many a ruler of the land in the past, particularly the kings of erstwhile Mysuru State, can be cited for the acumen in governing their respective territories through an executive wing comprising eminent Technocrats and Statesmen marked by their loyalty and commitment.

Literature in many languages and from different regions of the world, including India is replete with guidelines and principles of Statecraft, the essence of which is to tirelessly take pragmatic steps to sustain a society that blends harmoniously with the administration of the day. Given the complex make up of our society and the vacuum of leadership, Statesman-like, in the land have unwittingly driven the land’s people to be unfriendly to themselves.

The people of the land are obliged to comply with the rules of the game of democracy as enunciated in the country’s Constitution. As a Judge of the Nation’s Supreme Court has rightly observed, dissent is not only the safety valve of democracy but vital for meaningful social life. Thanks to the social and economic deficiencies in the country amidst the multitude of time-honoured customs and beliefs of people following different faiths, dissent on various related counts are bound to erupt in a cascading manner. While expressing views on the right or wrong of such customs and beliefs of people, it is prudent to do so in a pleasant way. The wise in society follow the diktat, “There should be method in madness.”

If only people indulge in introspection they are likely to realise the yawning difference between conflict and confrontation. People’s respect for the land’s laws and to be mutually friendly in daily life cannot happen without the ruling class commanding respect in society. The catch is: The society nurtures its ruling class.

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