People happy with food served at Indira Canteens

Mysuru: The general consensus among the people who have their breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Indira Canteens at Sharadadevi Nagar, Alanahalli Circle and Raghavendra Circle is that the food served is really good.

In the reality check conducted by SOM, in all the three places, it is the daily wagers and the students who throng the canteens and express their appreciation. While a few who were savouring lemon rice with chutney for breakfast and commenting that if it was a little more tasty it would have been better, a few others were wise enough to counter them telling for Rs.5 how much more can one expect.

At the Alanahalli Circle on T. Narasipur Road (Ward No.65), the Indira Canteen was packed in the afternoon. Since this is a prominent circle and there is a lot of movement of people every day, a lot of people come here to have breakfast and lunch. A few in the past one month have also had to return disappointed as the food was exhausted.

Anjegowda, who had come from Kumbarakoppal to Alanahalli Circle on business, said that the food was alright. However, for two or three days they had served something like gruel calling it curd rice. “Now it is much better and really looked and tasted like the curd rice,” he said.

Asked how the food was, people at Megalapura said that it cannot be compared to home food. But one does get timely food and how much can one expect for Rs.10, is what the elderly Malleshappa asked. According to JSS Women’s College students, Rakshita and Nirmita from Saligrama in K.R. Nagar taluk, as they were eating here for the first time food was alright.

The canteen on the Dr. Rajkumar Road in Raghavendranagar (Ward no.55) near Triveni Circle there is not much rush. People come here on Thursdays to eat Bisibele Bath and on Sunday mornings to eat Upma as both are favourites for a lot of them. Here, school students and daily wagers frequent a lot.

When the canteen started, there was good response. Now it has gone down a bit but they hope it will pick up again.

Daily wager Venkatesh was very happy with the food available for Rs.10. Mason Chinnanna said that sambar is generally tasty and aromatic. He appreciated the government for providing cheap food for people like him.

Instead of locating the Indira Canteen between Yeraganahalli and RTO (East), if it was located near the RTO itself then lorry and goods drivers, daily wagers and those coming to the RTO could have had their food there, said lorry driver Santosh.

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