Paying back netas by same coin: KSOU students to use ‘NOTA’

Mysuru: Latching on to the potential of social media, students of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) have started an online campaign urging the fellow students and their family members to exercise the option of ‘NOTA’ (None Of The Above) while voting for the forthcoming Assembly elections. It is their way of protesting the failure of political parties in addressing the problems faced by the University that is struggling to get recognition from the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Nearly three lakh students have pursued education from KSOU and they have repeatedly urged the political party leaders to resolve the issues. “Because the politicians have failed to resolve our issues, we have decided not to support them. We will vote for ‘NOTA’ to teach a lesson to the leaders,” the students have said on social sites such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook.

“NOTA will be our choice and it will also be chosen by our family members. We want to make it clear that no political party will get our votes as they have repeatedly ignored our pleas. Why should we support them if they are not bothered about our future,” said students who have started the online campaign.

The students have designed an application and have published it on the social sites. The agitating students have requested the students of KSOU to fill the form. Student leader Lohith Kumar said, they will campaign through social media.

“The students are spread across the State and we have decided not to vote for any political party as they don’t have confidence in any  candidate,” he said.

The students also have decided to submit the applications to President of India, seeking his permission for mercy killing  after March 2.

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