Participate in ‘The Great Migratory Path!’ art work

Mysuru: City-based artist, musician and photographer Pramod Chakravarthy Stephen has conceptualised “I was here… in The Great Migratory Path!” a Public Participatory Installation Art, as part of the Bahuroopi National Theatre Festival- 2018, at the Rangayana premises.

The theme of the Festival is ‘Migration.’ The idea of this participatory installation art is to facilitate the visiting artists, repertoires, guests and the public to mark their presence in the great creative journey, said Stephen.

“They will do so by drawing their foot, printing their foot etc, colouring them, writing their stories of migration and poetries on the lengthy canvas. They also speak about their roots and migration which will be video recorded and played every day,” he said.

According to Stephen, the public will share their experiences in the new environment they are surviving, their roots and their motivated journey. “Every day people will walk in to participate in painting this lengthy canvas, which will be displayed as it grows day by day,” he said.

The final artwork will be the true representation of ‘The Great Migratory Path.’ The visiting troupes of the Bahuroopi will create their own experiences, which will be joined along, said Stephen and added that he would provide the art materials.

Every day people can participate from 10 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 6 pm, till Jan.21, he said.

Come along, mark your footprint and be part of The Great Migratory Path.

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