Optical fibre cables: BBMP gets 25,000 complaints

Bengaluru: Bengalureans have found a new way to get the BBMP officials to work, and that is to approach the Karnataka High Court.

Smitha, a resident of Koramangala, who wished not to be identified, had been complaining about wires and lights fixed on tree for the past three months, but no official took it seriously. On Saturday evening, when she confronted them and threatened them that she will approach the High Court to get the matter solved, the officials immediately obliged and assured her of solving it within a week.

Smitha told Deccan Chronicle, “Now, the people should know that the High Court is the only pillar which can pull up these corrupt officials. As I told the officials that I would approach the high court, they felt threatened and promised to resolve the issue.”

She said, “We can’t expect civic officials to attend to our problems. From now, the public should start approaching the High Court to ensure that the city is restored.”

The BBMP, which had stopped a drive to remove optical fibre cables (OFC) from tree, is now set to resume it after over 25,000 complaints were filed against the menace.

In July, the BBMP had taken up the drive, removed the cables and lights, and warned the people and establishments who had put them up. But the drive had stopped and people started registering their complaints with the BBMP, who did not take much action.

A senior officer from the BBMP said, “We received more than 25,000 complaints, but we had other things to tackle as directed by the High Court. From next week, we will resume the drive and ensure that the trees are free of wires and lights. We will direct the zone level officials to take action. We will also warn the culprits that they will be penalised if they try to put up the wires or lights on trees.”


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