On road to recovery: Lokayukta P Vishwanatha Shetty out of ICU

Bengaluru: Lokayukta P. Vishwanatha Shetty, who has recovered well after suffering 11 stab injuries, has been shifted to the ward from CCU on Monday evening. His treating doctors decided to shift him from the hospital's coronary care unit (CCU) to the ward on Monday evening. "All his parameters are fine and since he has made a marked improvement and there seems to be no complication at all, we shifted him to the ward on Monday evening (between 6 pm and 7 pm). He will also be discharged in a day or two," said his treating doctor Diwakar Bhat. 

Justice Shetty was admitted to the hospital with 11 injuries including deep cuts to the chest and abdomen region. He had two injuries on the left side of his chest, another over the epigastric region, over the left lumbar region, left palm, even the left web space (in the palm), right thigh, over the pulp of the left ring finger along with abrasions over the left eyebrow and a deep cut below the left angle of the mouth after a petitioner, Tejraj, attacked him. "He is stable and doing fine. He is on antibiotics and the usual medicines for his earlier conditions," Dr Bhat said.


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