Noisy Nation

Verbal exchanges in anger without helping to understand the issue in question and also the views of either party on the matter is the order of the day and common sight everywhere in the land prompting one to recollect the idiom more heat than light. Men often take fascination to cite the case of women come to the public tap for collecting the family’s daily need of water and engaging themselves in angry verbal exchange, giving the onlookers their share of morning entertainment, forgetting that the females of the species strain themselves to sustain the hearth at home to feed the family. The Nation’s Parliament has just witnessed a scene lasting for 23 days, the players being mostly, if not all men, that may need to modify the idiom to only heat and no light, offering some solace to women. The scene is no different in the open spaces at any location in the land’s different regions, with the difference of noise generated by the diaspora being only in its decibel levels, apart from the spoken words.

Thanks to the growing mismatch between the various resources supporting life of people and their availability in adequate measure, the principle of might is right ruling the society has led to inter-State conflicts and confrontation, helping petty-minded politicos to generate more heat than light as it were in public space all over the land, including Karnataka.

Amidst the over-riding feature of fouling rivers, lakes, air and soil across the country, noise pollution, particularly in urban areas, doesn’t seem to have received the attention it merits in spite of the loudness of honking by motorists even in silent zones near hospitals, setting off high-sounding fireworks, blaring film songs on public address systems beyond stipulated hours, beating drums on occasions celebrating birth anniversaries of past persons, particularly saints and sages who would not have approved the manner of celebration. The activists of political parties and their leaders have taken the citizens for granted by staging their noisy road shows on eve of announcing poll schedules by the Central Election Commission.

Lastly, the land’s people are both players and victims of the noise associated with the celebration of festivals of various faiths, cults and creeds witnessing devotion and sentiment getting stumped by noise first and littering the venue later. The noise across the land is only tending to be deafening beyond bearable limits.

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