NGT asks Palike to pay up Rs 10 lakh

The National Green Tribunal has asked the BBMP to pay environment compensation of Rs 10 lakh for dumping waste in a quarry.

A bench headed by Justice Jawad Rahim slammed the civic body for non-compliance to the previous order on biomining at the quarry site.

The bench directed the BBMP commissioner to be present with a compliance report within two weeks.

A group of petitioners contended that the Palike was dumping waste in an abandoned quarry at Bagalur village in gross violation of environmental norms. They submitted that the dumping was being done without taking due approvals.

The bench also took serious note of the BBMP counsels contention that an expert body had suggested an alternative to biomining.

“If anything was wrong, the BBMP should have approached us. You cannot circumvent our order,” the bench told the counsel.

The green panel had on January 17 prohibited dumping at the quarry site.


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