Newborn abducted from govt hospital in KGF

A couple have alleged that their newborn male baby was stolen from the government maternity hospital in Robertsonpet in the early hours of Saturday.

Ravichandran, a private company employee, had admitted his wife Mala to the hospital for delivery on Thursday night. Mala gave birth to a male baby at 7.20 am on Friday. According to the couple, Punyavathi, the mother of Mala looked afer the baby till 2 am on Saturday and slept later. The baby was found missing at 4 am.

Mala searched the entire hospital for the baby but to no avail. Enquiries with the hospital staffers and even with the people outside the hospital was of no help. As the news of babys theft spread, a large number of people gathered in front of the hospital.

District surgeon Dr Fayaz Khan said that CCTV cameras had been installed at four locations in the hospital excluding the main entrance. The contractor to whom the work was awarded had not installed the camera at the main entrance due to ongoing modernisation of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the babys parents alleged that a woman, aged 50 years, who was moving freely with all the parients in the hospital for the last two days had stolen their newborn. They claimed that the hospital staffers did not bother to ascertain the identity of the woman. The police, who went through the CCTV footage found that the visuals were blurred.

The police have taken up investigation and are enquiring auto drivers who were plying their vehicles at the time of the incident.

Superintendent of Police B S Lokesh Kumar, District Health Officer Dr Vijayakumar and City Municipal Council president Ramesh Kumar visited the hospital.


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