New breed of debutants

Apart from Bollywood, Sandalwood is one of the film industries that tops the list with regards to the numbers of films made per year. However, when it comes to the number of successful films — critical and commercial, unfortunately, Kannada films fail to make it to the top. But, things have started to change with more films with refreshing content making their way. Added to this is an audience that backs them with the much-needed encouragement. One of the crucial factors for this new trend is the new breed of directors in the recent past. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on the trend, and the reason behind more men attempting their creative luck behind the camera.

Actress Manvitha Harish, who worked with new directors in two of her upcoming films says that it is the content along with the scope of the role which inspired her to say yes. “Both Chandrashekhar Bandiyappa and Naveen Reddy are just one film old, but their dedication and hunger for excellence is amazing. My aim is either the film should do good, or I should get an opportunity to learn the art while working for content-driven films,”  Manvitha Harish says.

“Out of 10 new movies which get released half of them are directed by those who are making their debut as directors. The best part is that a percentage of these successful films are new directors. There were always new directors making their entry but would vanish after their debut films failed to work. The reason behind more number of directors taking up the challenge is because of a new-age audience, who is showing confidence in their works. This is why films like Rama Rama Re, Thithi, Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu, Ondu Motteya Kathe happened in the first place,” says producer Manjunath.

While, a new wave of experimental movies have paved the way for more such directors to plunge into their creative side, most technicians working as assistants and associates to experienced filmmakers have shifted to independent work as directors, another reason for a surge in experimental films.

“It is not just those who have been learning filmmaking but others from different fields, who aspire to pursue a creative career, are also getting involved in the process. Some have managed to find producers who are showing faith in new directors, which has resulted in the present situation,” adds Kallesh, who works as a Kannada film publicist.

However, it the quality of fresh content, those who dare to experiment which have won hearts. “No one knew about D Satya Prakash and even his film Rama Rama Re but when the film was released, everyone started talking about it and the director came into the limelight. Raj B Shetty and his film Ondu Motteya Kathe has a similar story. It is evident that good work always draws attention. In addition to the audience turning out in huge numbers to watch such films, this has also resulted in the right balance of star films propelled by commercial masala, and experimental movies which are being made by a new breed of directors,” sums up Naveen, a director.


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