Mysuru-Thalassery Railway Line : Federation of Kodava Samajas supports opposition to Rail Project

Ponnampet: Federation of Kodava Samajas President Kallichanda Vishnu Cariappa has called upon all the Kodava Samajas and Kodavas to participate in large numbers in the rally organised in Mysuru on Feb.18 to oppose and stop the implementation of proposed Railway project in Kodagu.

He was speaking at the Federation of Kodava Samajas auditorium after a major decision was taken at the meeting to oppose the project. He said that the proposed Railway project will benefit neighbouring Kerala State, which is trying to push the project but it will do a great harm to Kodagu’s geographical, social and environmental features. Hence, the rally against this move at Mysuru assumes  great significance.

Former Minister and Patron of the Federation Meriyanda C. Nanaiah said that Kodagu will not be benefited in any way by the Railway project. It is impossible to imagine the adverse impact of this project on the district. Hence, everyone should unitedly oppose this project. We just need a two-lane road and not multi-lane ones for the district, he added.

The project is completely political in nature. The people’s representatives are misleading the public. They are sending wrong messages. Even when the high-tension electric line was being implemented, they created the same kind of confusion and we see its effects. However, this time everyone should unite and oppose it apolitically.  In the interest of the future generation everyone should fight for the cause selflessly, he said.

Balele Kodava Samaja President Malachira Bose Chittiappa said, Nanaiah should lead a delegation to meet the Chief Minister and put pressure on him to drop the project.

United Kodava Organisation Convener Kokkalemada Manju Chinnappa, Makkandur Kodava Samaja President Napanda Ravi Kalappa, Gonikoppal Kodava Samaja President Chekkera Somaiah, Virajpet Kodava Samaja President Vanchira Nanaiah and Federation of Kodava Samajas Treasurer Chiriyapanda Kashiappa also spoke.

Federation Hon. Secretary Voterira Shankari Poovaiah, Madikeri Kodava Samaja Vice- President Manavattira Chinnappa and others were present.

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