Mysuru Open Street Festival a great success

  • As the day wore on, the crowd swelled and some women and girls complained of misbehaviour by men
  • Some complained of not many Police being there to help them

Mysuru: A carnival-like Street Fest organised as part of the 409th Dasara on Krishnaraja Boulevard turned into a hit with a large number of teenagers and even elders being attracted to the fest venue.

The Mysuru Open Street Festival began on a bright note on Oct.13, as the crowd began gathering from early in the morning. But as the day wore on, the number of people doubled and by afternoon, the whole place was chock-o-block with people. And that was when the women and girls had problems in some areas of the venue.

Meanwhile, social media soon blew it out of proportion saying there was molestation etc. One tweet read, “People take advantage to grope, touch and nudge others. They say sorry and know they can’t be blamed.” However, no Police complaint was reported till we went to the Press.

Another man said, “I had brought my wife and daughter to the fest. I felt like a bodyguard as I had to protect them. It would hardly be any fun to attend such fest if we are worried about their safety.” But to a question why did he venture out to a crowded place like that with women knowing body-touching was possible and he would be playing the role of a bodyguard indeed, he had no answer.

As the crowd became unmanageable, the Open Street Festival was brought to an abrupt end at 8 O’clock. Disappointed, many felt that the Police should have regulated the entry from both ends as the crowd swelled.

No written complaints

Lakshmipuram Police Inspector Raghu told Star of Mysore that they had not received even a single complaint either orally or in writing about molestation, loss of mobile phones or pick-pocketing which are the common occurrence in such festivals.

Police Commissioner Dr. A. Subramanyeswara Rao, meanwhile, said that such incidents must be brought to their notice so that they can trace the wrong-doers and bring them to book.

Residents complain

A resident on JLB Road (Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road), Sanath, questioned the wisdom of the organisers to hold the Open Street Festival along with the Yuva Dasara and Aahara Mela happening on the same stretch of Krisharaja Boulevard on the same day.

“The whole place by evening was crowded with thousands of vehicles and there was no parking space. The nearby residents of Chamarajapuram on Geetha Road, Devaparthiva Road and Jayalakshmi Road were all put to a lot of inconvenience as they could not even take their vehicles out,” he said.

Traffic jam

The cascading effect of the jam-packed Open Street Festival was the traffic jam that ensued. People living in west of Mysuru, who had to go to the east of the city, found it very difficult to cross over to the other side as all the connecting roads were gridlocked with huge traffic. Many said that they were stuck in the traffic jam for over two  to three hours.

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