Mysuru fighters bag medals at Intl. Jiu-Jitsu Championship

A group photo of the fighters from Kimura Martial Arts and Fitness, Mysuru, who won medals for India, in the International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship-2018 which was held at Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex in Hanumanth Nagar, Banashankari, Bengaluru, on  Nov.10 and 11, where more than 200 fighters form across the globe took part. Seen are (form left – top row) H.N. Kainath Sanyia Junaidi (good performance), K. Rishika (Bronze in No-Gi), M.P. Shravan (Silver – No-Gi), K. Akshay (Silver – No-Gi), Naman Muthanna (Gold – No-Gi), Vishal Roopesh (Bronze in Gi & No-Gi) and R.D. Manju (Gold – No-Gi); Middle row: A.M. Arjun (Bronze  – Gi), K.G. Prajwal Deep (Bronze in Gi), S. Manju (Bronze in Gi ), S. Jashwanth (Gold – Gi & No-Gi), Shashikumar (Silver – Gi, Bronze – No-Gi), Coach Kru. Chethan Mysore Ashwathama, K.S. Bharath (Gold – Gi & No-Gi), Mahesh Betta (Gold – Gi, No-Gi & Open), B. Ravi (Silver – Gi), P.T. Somanna and P. Raghavendra; Front row: S. Manoj (Bronze – Gi), H.N. Vijay, K.J. Bharath (Team Manager), Harish S. Gouli (Gold – Gi & Silver – No-Gi), Veedur Narayan (Silver – Gi & No-Gi) and Sangamesh Briadar (Bronze – Gi). Kimura Martial Arts and Fitness has also been ranked 6th best team in Asia under ASJJF(Asian Sports Jiu-Jistu Federation) and 2nd best in India under SJJIF (Sports Jiu-Jistu Indian Federation).

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