Mysureans: 2 mantris but what did we get?

Mysuru: Tourism promoters and Mysureans are disappointed with the budget as there is no specific allocation to the Heritage City though two  ministers in the state cabinet are from Mysuru including the tourism minister. All that Mysuru got was a Silkworm cocoon market with a project cost of Rs 3 crores, a Cardiac and Oncology tertiary care hospital and the Hundwadi project to pump Cauvery water to provide permanent drinking water facilities to over 90 villages.

But those in Mandya are happy as they not only got Rs 50 crore for the development of the district but also Rs 5 crore for a detailed project report for development of Brindavan gardens on the lines of Disneyland, besides development of Gaganachukki falls. Also those in Chamarajnagar are happy as Rs 200 crore was allotted for a medical college in the district besides a fund of Rs 5 crore for development of Bharachukki waterfalls.

Mysore travel agents association head Mr Prashanth said, “Mysuru is a major tourist destination with the highest generation of revenue,  tourism minister Mr Sa Ra Mahesh is from the district, so we had high expectations. It is disappointing that there is no separate package for  development of tourism in Mysuru. There should be a vision for the development of Mysore tourism. The Tourism University should have been in Mysuru instead of Hampi.”

Mysuru Industries Association head Suresh Kumar Jain said, “The several programmes announced for the industrial sector are welcome including the emphasis on development of skills. But it is disappointing that there is no allocation for development of heritage structures including Lansdowne building and Devaraja market in Mysuru. There should have been funds for development of a separate helipad  in Mysuru too.”


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